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A farmer walks amid land that was burned for agricultural use. Barren landscape at a wildcat tin mining camp in western Rondônia. Frontier life in Brazil's western state of Rondônia. Indigenous children view pictures of themselves for the first time ever. Young indigenous girl and Macaws at her village in the Alto Xingu. Macaws find a perch at a small town in Amapá. Yawalapiti children enjoy leisure time along the Tuatuari River. A child amid adults of the Kuikuro indigenous people. Varig Airlines passenger jet after crash landing in the Amazon jungle. Horses from mixed herds tussle at a ranch in Amapá. Water buffalo on a floodplain of the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. A lone snowy egret amid a group of scarlet ibis in the Amazon. Emaciated zebu cattle in the Amazon frontier of Brazil. Farmers amid charred landscape in the northern state of Roraima. Smoldering fires amid a devastated Amazonian landscape. Flames from wildfires burn trees in the rainforest. Logging industry and deforestation for timber products in Brazil. Young boys row along a flooded tract of their ranch by the Amazon River. A full moon illuminates the way while traversing the Amazon River. Afternoon storm yields a rainbow along the Amazon River near Macapá. Leisurely afternoon at a remote village along the Amazon River. Life along the Amazon River in the northern state of Amapá. Youth swims on a floodplain of the Amazon frontier in Brazil. The hardship of daily life in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. A black skimmer feeding along the Araguari River in the Amazon.
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