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Sunrise at the Marine Corps War Memorial. Summertime scene near the U.S. Capitol. Young girl watches the Independence Day parade along Constitution Avenue. A moment of discovery at the National Museum of American History. Blustery day at the Washington Monument. Visitors eyed by President Abraham Lincoln at his namesake memorial. Flurry of Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin. Senator Ted Kennedy arrives at the Capitol with his dog Splash. Speaker of the House Gingrich confers with House Majority Leader Armey on Capitol Hill. Leisurely stroll along the tidal basin amid cherry blossom trees. U.S. Park Police separate opposing sides during an anti-war rally. Protesters corralled during IMF and World Bank meetings. Dreaming of warmer surroundings after a snow storm. Rolling Thunder riders are welcomed to Washington. Marine One, birds and the Washington Monument fill the skyline of the capital. A somber moment at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Memorial Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Aerial view of the Million Man March. Security detail and Washington Monument loom above the White House. Shadow of the Washington Monument points to 17th and Constitution. Jets streak past the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial into National Airport. Hockey enthusiasts play on the frozen Reflecting Pool near the Lincoln Memorial. Independence day fireworks explode above the Marine Corps War Memorial.
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